[list] Top 6 Happy Hours – Downtown

Barolo and/or List: [TURN OFF YOUR SPEAKERS BEFORE CLICKING THOSE LINKS! Isn’t it bad web etiquette to have music embedded in your website? Sheesh. Don’t let that deter you from going here though.] Since these are owned by the same people, I’m giving them just one spot on the Top 6 because they also have the same great deal: between 3-6pm, their bar menu is 1/2 off and bottles of wine (red, white, AND rose, my fave) are only $14. Get a small group of friends together and challenge yourselves to see how many of those you can drink! Actually don’t do that – I can tell you how it turns out: all your friends pick on you for being single and make you feel bad about yourself. But at least you won’t suffer from sticker shock when you get the bill.

Happy Hour: 3-6:30 and 10-close every day. 50% off bar menu, $3.5 wine, $3 beer, $14 bottles of wine. Try: the lamb burger, ravioli or gnocchi, grilled Ceasar salad. Everything is good. I prefer the List crowd over the Barolo crowd. If you happen to be in the University District, one of the owners also owns Mamma Melina’s and you can find the same great HH over there.

The Alibi Room: This is great for first-time visitors of the Emerald City, because it’s located within the Pike Place Market and right across from the famous Gum Wall (which I tried to take a visitor to just last week and she found the entire idea so disgusting that she refused to get within 20 feet of it- fail!). It’s dark and kind of gritty in an old-school Seattle kind of way.

Happy Hour:  3-6pm, M-T and 12-6pm F-Sun. $3 beer, $4 wells, $5 food! Try a mini pizza or the bruschetta, or anything really. Beware the steep stairs down to the bathroom! Good for groups.

Local 360: This is a place you go for the mission: 90% of the ingredients they use comes from within a 360-mile radius of Seattle. Isn’t that neat? I do my best to be mindful about where my food comes from and if you’re at all intrigued by this idea, I promise that you’ll enjoy your experience at Local 360.

Happy Hour: 3-6pm and 10-late, every day. Drinks $4-5 / Food $4-$8. Try: the Corndog, the PB&J Bon Bons, the Rabbit country style pate. Beautiful private dining space in the back where the Mercantile used to be. Expect to attend my birthday dinner there in August.

Maximilien: You can find me on this patio when the sun is shining! But probably not any other time because it is primarily a romantic French restaurant in the Market. But when the sun is shining, it’s the place to enjoy a great view of the Sound and some pretty fantastic mussels and frites and a few glasses of wine.

Happy Hour: 5-7pm, M-F and 8-10pm on Saturday. $5 glass and $20 bottles. $4-5 cocktails and $3 beer. Try the frites, the cheese plate, and the foie gras if you’re in to that kind of thing.

RN74: This is where we waited out Snowpocalypse 2012 – or rather, waited for it to START. Work was cancelled before a flake of snow fell and in honor of the impending storm, RN74 had an all-night happy hour. I just love the ambiance of this spot and the train-station-esque signs that flip around and change. It’s quickly become my HH go-to and NOT just because my bus stop is right outside.

Happy Hour: 3-6pm M-Sat and 10:30-close. $5 wine and cocktail of the day, $3-5 food. Try the pretzels and the ahi tuna poppers. Go early if you’re with a group and want to secure the lounge seating.

Lecosho: Continue down from Post Alley from the Alibi Room and you’ll soon arrive at Lecosho – tucked within the Harbor Steps and you’ll find a great little European/Northwest spot, home to my current favorite happy hour DISH, their housemade sausage and lentils.

Happy Hour: 3-6pm every day, 10-1am Sun-Th. $3 beer, $4 wine, $5 cocktail, $5-$9 food. Try: the housemade sausage and lentils and the grilled sardine tartine.

Now, I realize that there are some glaring omissions from this list. For example, what about The Pink Door? Well, it’s always too frickin’ busy and I can never get a spot on the patio when I want one so how can I call it a favorite if I can’t ever go!?  Well what about Sazerac? That’s a good one, but would I rather go there than any of these other places? Probably not. What if you’re in the mood for sushi? Well then I’d go to Umi Sake House or to Red Fin – but I’d probably opt for cheap sushi at Genki first. Howzabout Palomino? We’re fighting ever since they took their pigs-in-a-blankets off the menu. What about Ruth’s Chris? I do love their cosmos, but it’s a chain. Actually, several of these belong on a “Pre/Post Theater Happy Hour” list. I’ll get right on that!


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