[shop] Book Larder

One of my favorite shops in Seattle is the Book Larder, or what I call “the cookbook shop”. Yes friends, it’s an entire store devoted to cookbooks.

Those of you who aren’t in to making messes in the kitchen might not find this as exciting as I do, BUT it is good to have on your radar because cookbooks make great gifts (especially autographed ones). For those of you who are home cooks, I imagine that you have already been there to browse for inspiration or to attend a reading, class or demonstration.

The Book Larder is located in the developing part of Upper Fremont which I used to avoid back when I lived in the neighborhood because it was up on top of a monstrous hill, and I lived at the very bottom. Back in the day, the only thing worth hiking up the hill for was/is Paseo, but the area has recently become populated with all sorts of different restaurants, including Uneeda Burger and Dot’s Delicatessen. Old standbys such as Caffe Vita, Brad’s Swingside Cafe, Market Time Foods and of course, Paseo and (their long lines) round out the neighborhood. It’s appropriate that The Book Larder is nestled into one of the nearby storefronts, surrounded by plenty of options for your belly.

Speaking of options, the selection at the Book Larder features plenty of new releases as well as classic titles. As I am already an owner of a well-loved Joy of Cooking, a never-been-opened copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking, I am more interested in their selection of books by bloggers-turned-authors (The Wednesday Chef, Smitten Kitchen, Sprouted Kitchen), “celebrity chefs” (Christina Tosi, in my mind at least) and local chefs and restaurateurs. You’ll find it all here, and if you CAN’T find it, I am willing to be they’ll do their best to order it for you.

Finally, the Book Larder also plays host to cooking classes and demonstrations. Many of the authors who come through on tour take advantage of their adorable little kitchen and prepare something from the books. I highly suggest following along on Facebook for information about upcoming authors or glimpses into the events you weren’t able to attend. Most recently, they were graced by the presence of the Barefoot Contessa during her trip to Seattle. Can you imagine?

If you call yourself a foodie, enjoy books over blogs (I like both) and wholeheartedly believe in supporting local businesses, plan a little trip to Fremont and visit the Book Larder. Spend an hour or two pursuing the selection and then head next-door to Dot’s for lunch or a snack, or across the street to Caffe Vita for a great cup of coffee. If you’ve got a lot of time, wait in line for Paseo and order a Carribean Roast and thank me later.

Don’t want to take my word for it? Visit the Book Larder on Yelp


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