[eat] Octo Sushi


Octo Sushi took over the location of what I feel like is always referred to as the “beloved Crave” restaurant, which was run by Robin Leventhal of Top Chef notoriety.  I never got a chance to go to the “beloved Crave” but from what I hear it was pretty damn good.


The same can, I suppose, be said of Octo Sushi. I met my friend Uma there for lunch this afternoon. We were seated in the front “sun room” (my name for it) as opposed to the larger dining area in the back of the building. There is a smaller kitchen up front, and about six small tables for 2-4 people, and you can look out on to the street. (The back dining room has no such view, but it’s just a neat space in and of itself).


The lunch menu features plenty of starters, soups (like udon), sushi combos, rice bowls, Bento boxes and plenty of vegetarian options. There was also a separate Thai food menu that had about 5 different options.


I opted for the beef Bento box, which started off with miso soup. The box itself included some very tender and yummy teriyaki beef (a little over-sauced), a California roll, seaweed salad and some shrimp and veggie tempura (not crispy enough). It was actually a little too much food – in the end I didn’t touch the rice and only ate two bits of the tempura, but I love Bento boxes because of all the variety. Uma ordered the “Lemme Pick” set, which allows you to order one roll and a combination of nigiri.

Octo Sushi is located on 12th Avenue (cross-street is Pine) and shares a lobby with the Velocity Dance Center. I was the first person there at 11:30am for lunch but by the time we left, all of the tables were full. Happy hour is from 5-7pm and most things are priced between $4-6.  They also offer take-out and delivery and you can order online through Facebook!


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