[eat] brunch at revel, happy hour at quoin

My friend Janice and I visited Revel twice during our stint of working BBQ Sauce-Making & Bourbon Tasting at Pete’s Fremont Firepit. I’ve been there a few times before for happy hour, but she’s new in town and I think it’s the perfect spot that will always impress with food, drink and ambiance. Revel is an upscale Korean-fusion restaurant located right past Fremont Coffee Co. and around the corner from Brouwer’s.

On our first visit, we had happy hour beverages at Quoin, which is Revel’s bar located just next door and connected to the restaurant. We sat out on the patio near their outdoor fireplace and sipped on cocktails in the sunshine. We had such a nice time but we didn’t have a chance to order any food, so  we decided to return for brunch a few days later.

For starters, we ordered the bacon/hazelnut/Asian pear donuts. Yup, you read that rights. Donuts. They were a completely unusual mix of savory and sweet – with significant chunks of bacon and pear embedded into the donuts and then topped with a sweet sticky glaze that really took them to another level.

For our entrees, I chose the short rib rice bowl, while Janice ordered the Dungeness crab egg foo young (big giant pancake) topped with greens. You can’t quite tell from the picture but there is a giant spoonful of a chimichurri sauce in the very middle of the short rib rice bowl with two poached eggs. They were both served with a quartet of different sauces ranging from salty and sweet to very spicy, which was the perfect way to enhance the flavors of the rice bowl.

I didn’t get a photo of Revel’s interior, but I did snap a photo of the art that was hanging next to our table. It’s SO rare that I actually see art that I like (I’m sure we will get to delve more into this in the future) but hey, MLK is a hero of mine and I can definitely see this in my dream house on a stark white wall with a super high ceiling.

Our brunch was over far too soon as we had to scoot over to Pete’s, but our leftovers made for a perfect late-night snack when I got home later and obviously it is very necessary that I return for a full-on dinner in the near future in Revel proper, and not just Quoin. Either way though, I’d highly recommend the dumplings and hot pot which you can order on either side of the restaurant.

Revel is the perfect place to take adventurous dining companions or people who need their horizons to be expanded because in my experience, you really can’t go wrong. Check out their menu and keep your eyes on their cooking class series which includes kimchi-making and dumpling-making!


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