[eat] lunch at il corvo

Il Corvo Pasta is tucked away in the Pike Place Market Hill Climb, down below the Market itself and most easily accessed by heading straight back through the main Market entrance and down, down, down the stairs, across the street, down some more stairs and to your right. This location is not to be confused with the Harbor Steps, which I almost mistakenly sent us down before realizing my error. You might be better off just clicking here to see a map. They share a space with Procopio Gelato.

Il Corvo serves up handmade pasta for lunch, Tuesday through Friday. Each day they have three different pasta options, plus an assortment of starting bites like olives, salami or an antipasti plate.

On the day of our visit, they were serving  Strozzapreti with pork sugo (hand rolled pasta with braised pork tomato sauce)…

Gnocchi in a pumpkin and cream and sage sauce…

And squid ink capellini topped with anchovies, Mama Lil’s peppers, parsley, garlic, bread crumbs and olive oil.

It was, to say the least, an entirely delightful lunch experience as the restaurant itself is small and cozy – a place that you could stop in for a quick-ish bite to eat or where you could linger for a bit longer, should you choose to enjoy some wine with your meal – something that we did not do. We did, however, come pretty close to licking our plates as evidenced by the photo below:

I suggest visiting in a group of three so that you can order one of each menu item and enjoy them all, and please note that it is a cash-only establishment! Don’t say I didn’t warn you! And follow their website, Facebook and Twitter for more gorgeous photos of their creations and a peek at the menu. Enjoy, friends!


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