[?] 3 dinner options for a potential Seattle-transplant

An excerpt from a g-chat conversation with Jason:
 Jason: where are you?
 i need some advice
 me: hi
 i’m in CO
 Jason: i have a friend in town who is interviewing for a job. his wife and he want to live in capitol hill
 so tonight we’re going out to dinner
 i want to give him three options
 me: fun
 Jason: cap hill restaurants
me: skillet.
Jason: ooh
me: Skillet, Presse (with a trip to Canon first) or maybe Barrio+Tavern Law
maybe not Presse actually. but don’t you think Canon is impressive?
maybe Lark
with a trip to the new Bait Shop first
i should blog this on Seattle by Sarah
Jason: i’m also going for cheap
me: you could also go to Tango and do a bunch of tapas
or the new Mamnoon, but it’s so new that if it wasn’t good, it would be a bummer
Jason: have you heard of Speckled and Drake?
me: yes but i haven’t been there
its right across from Knee High Stocking Co.
i used to really like the old bar that was in that space
Jason: ya i remember you talking about it
me: what about In the Bowl?
vegan, but SO good
you’d never know it was vegan
and then to the Stumbling Monk for beers

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