[lunch] jhanjay vegetarian thai in wallingford

Last Friday, my Aunt Rachel and I lunched at Jhanjay Vegetarian Thai Cuisine in Wallingford. My aunt is not a vegetarian, but she is dairy-free and gluten-free. I have a hard time wrapping my head around such restrictions, so I figured that meat-free was a good place to start and that there’d be at least a few options on the menu that she could order.

[A quick note about Wallingford: there is not a lot going on in this neighborhood. It’s mostly residential, and most of the businesses can be found along 45th Street, which has got to be the one of the slowest-moving streets to drive down in the entire city. I think there are one or two too many traffic lights and the entire thing gets backed up and it takes forever to get from one end to the other. There are a few good coffee shops (including Fuel, which Dave Matthews reportedly frequents), some good dinner spots (Sutra, Tilth, Kabul, Smash) and a Molly Moon’s ice cream shop, but that’s about it. The main reason I go to Wallingford is for Archie McPhee.]

Options, there were. Lots, in fact. First we were served a soup- a clear sweet broth with potatoes and tofu. Then we ordered from the lunch menu and started with some fresh spring rolls served with a peanut sauce. In the words of Aunt Rachel, they were “a good way to eat a salad”.


In a departure from my usual Thai food entree choice, I decided that I was interested in noodles, so I ordered the phad kee mao – spicy level 2 because I had intended to share, but even a 2 was almost TOO spicy, even for me.


Aunt Rachel ordered a curry fried rice dish, pictured below. Both were full of fresh veggies and yummy tofu, which as you may know, I am currently kind of obsessed with (see Project Tofu: parts 1, 2, and 3).


Overall, a great and cozy lunch spot next time you find yourself in Wallingford. Affordable, hearty, accommodating of all your dietary needs and with a spicy scale that is actually accurate!


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