[eat] 14 new(ish) bars & restaurants to try in 2013

It’s kind of hard to keep up with all of the bars and restaurant openings in Seattle – it seems like there are a dozen a week in Capitol Hill alone. Last January, I came up with a list of 28 different places that I wanted to try and only managed to cross 17 off the list – and eight of the 17 are even in my neighborhood! (Some people were actually impressed by this number but I think it’s abysmal. How many times did I got to Brave Horse Tavern when I could have tried something new instead? Too many.)

I’m on the tail-end of the season for lists, but I need to put this one out there just so that I can consult it myself. Next time I am tempted to go to Skillet, Brave Horse Tavern, re:public, RN74, Montana, Grim’s, Oddfellows, I can refer to the full list of new options, or this shortened version of 14.

Let’s start with Capitol Hill – my neighborhood. This is low-hanging fruit, since they are all easy to get to:

Capitol Hill

Mamnoon – a new Middle Eastern restaurant located right across the street from the Melrose Market. Open for lunch and dinner, with a take-out menu as well. I’m particularly excited to try their falafel (always on a quest for some good falafel) and anything with lamb.

Bait Shop – the latest from Linda Derschang (of Linda’s, Oddfellows, King’s, and Smith), this is a tiny little bar on the north end of Broadway. My upstairs neighbor recommends it but warns of it’s small size. I think this would be a good spot of a casual date.

Rione XIII – this doesn’t exactly qualify as “new” (it opened in late 2012, but I’m trying to expand my Capitol Hill horizons beyond the Pine/Pike corridor and therefore really want to make a trip up to Rione XIII next time I want Italian food.

Von Trapp’s (opening soon!) – beer (bier!), bocce and bratwursts! Such a place is about to exist and it’s not in Leavenworth! Coming soon to the South end of 12th Avenue, this will be a great spot for groups.

Moving on to the rest of the city:

South Lake Union

Shanik – I love Indian food and am so excited to try Shanik, which serves “non-traditional Indian cuisine”. I have no idea what that means but I can already kind of feel the spices in my mouth and I can’t wait to try. They have a take-out counter during lunch and are open for dinner. No reservations, except for the private dining table IN the kitchen, which seats six. How fun would that be for a birthday or celebratory dinner?

Cal’s American Kitchen – honestly, I just need a Brave Horse Tavern substitute in SLU, so maybe this could be it? Nothing particularly excites me about the menu, but sometimes you just need the regular options, done well. Not too impressed by their happy hour menu either, unfortunately. But still. I will go.


Chan Seattle – the next time I want Asian food, don’t feel like sushi or pho, and am downtown, I will be visiting Cha:n for Korean food. Apparently they have an open kitchen so you can watch the food prep and a communal table to enjoy your meal at. It’s located next to the Inn at the Market and I can already tell it’s going to be my next go-to happy hour.


The Whale Wins – I probably shouldn’t visit The Whale Wins before I’ve even gone to the Walrus & the Carpenter, but since I find myself in Fremont more often than Ballard, it will probably be crossed off the list first. The space itself looks lovely, and the menu is right up my alley. Open for lunch and dinner!

Joule – Joule is a Korean/French-inspired restaurant that just reopened in a new space on 35th and Stone Way – slightly off the beaten Fremont path, but it would be fun to go to dinner there and then walk it off and head to a bar in Fremont-proper.

Agrodolce – rest in peace, 35th Street Bistro! (or whatever it was called in the end). That spaces holds lots of great memories, and I’m excited to see what it’s like as a casual Southern Italian trattoria. And their happy hour looks worth it!


Belle Clementine – I’ve been getting Belle Clementine’s emails for a really long time, and I’m not really sure why. I must have signed up at one point or another, but it wasn’t until a woman we met at Skillet’s anniversary party sung their praises that I bothered to pay attention. I particularly like that their meals are served at a communal table, family style. One seating on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, and the experience is $40. They use local food sources, including brewers and distillers, and email out their menu ideas each week. It sounds like a delightful package!

Beacon Hill

Bar Del Corso – my friend Elizabeth is always trying to get us to come to Beacon Hill. El Quetzal was always a good excuse, but a bunch of new and hip-ish restaurants and bars have appeared along Beacon Avenue lately. Bar Del Corso is (yet another) Italian restaurant serving wood-fired pizzas, Italian wines and cocktails, and has been open since 2011… so I’m real late to the party on this one, but hey! Better late than never.

West Seattle

Ma’Ono Fried Chicken & Whisky – fried chicken is so hot right now – it’s everywhere, but I’m willing to travel to West Seattle for my next fix. Basically this one restaurant, Spring Hill, served fried chicken once a week and it was such a popular offering that they just changed the whole restaurant to focus on it. You have to order your chicken a day or two in advance, it’s 40 bucks and it’s enough to feed 2-4 people. There are plenty of other things on the menu (Hawaiian-themed) and more than 40 whiskys to choose from.


Miyabi – a Japanese gastropub is replacing Rain Sushi in Wallingford, a neighborhood that I repeatedly tell people that there’s not a lot going on. Miyabi will be a welcome addition. It’s already gotten a fair amount of press and they still don’t even have an opening date.


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