[drink] bottlehouse

Bottlehouse is one of (if not THE) loveliest wine bars in the city and the best reason that I can think of to head over to the Madrona neighborhood. The ambiance is delightful, the staff is friendly and wildly knowledgeable about the wine and cheese, and everything is spectacular. You cannot go wrong by spending an afternoon or an evening here. It’s like being in a magazine like Kinfolk– no detail has been overlooked.


On this particular day, we were there for some light day drinking and shared a bottle of rosé that was actually even pinker than this half-glass shown here. Inside the immaculately-wrapped gift was an awesome pair of earrings from my friend Andrew to help replenish my collection post-burglary.

photo (7)

Below is a sample cheese board that we ordered with house pickled vegetables and fruit. A server (I don’t think he was the Cheesemonger, but maybe) came out and gave us this incredibly thorough and detailed description of each cheese. They do an amazing job of choosing a selection that complements whichever wine you’re drinking, and really – their knowledge of cheese is just as solid as their knowledge of wine.

photo (8)

A cheeseboard from another day – there’s always a hard cheese, a semi-soft and a very soft.


You can’t quite tell from this picture, but the Bottlehouse shares my love for rosé.


You can order flights of wine, if you’re feeling experimental, and in the summertime they open up an adorable little garden patio which is prime seating – do your best to be out there!

Bottlehouse is also available for events – there was a surprise 60th birthday last time we were there and everyone was all dressed up (think bowties and suspenders!). I think about 20-25 people could fit comfortably in the main space, but it would be fun to do a full buy-out or a garden party.

A trip to Bottlehouse would make for an excellent date night, is a perfect place to celebrate any occasion, and it’s also a lovely spot to spend an afternoon catching up with a friend. Dwell, drink and be well. Enjoy!



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