[eat] kedai makan



Kedai Makan is a Malaysian street food eatery that replaced Tacos Gringos on E. Olive Way in Capitol Hill. Its next-door neighbor is Montana, my favorite bar that serves fizzified cocktails on tap – but they don’t serve much food unless you like Frito Pies (whatever those are), so they’ve partnered up and you can bring your takeout container of food to MT.

fried rice with prawns

It’s a take-out window and there are a few stools on the sidewalk to perch upon while you wait for your food to come out. The menu (on this particular evening) featured three different appetizers that were described as small plates and were all less than $5, and then three different entrees (beef noodles, tofu fried rice and prawn fried rice) priced at around $8. The final time on the menu was a dessert – a rice pudding.

peanut beef noodles

I was ravenous and devoured my prawn fried rice before I remembered to add the little container of spicy sauce to it. Though I avoided the runny egg that topped it (as I would have in any situation, though I am trying hard to like eggs), my favorite part were the crispy fried shallots that added the most satisfying crunch to the bites that were lucky enough to include it. Overall, it was pretty good but I much prefer the spicy beef kimchi rice bowl from Marination Station.



They’ve only been open for a few weeks, but they’re already quite popular and have been running out of food before I’ve gotten there to order it. Their hours are 4pm – 12am, which I think counts as a “late-night option”. The menu changes daily, and you can follow along with their creations on Facebook. Also – they’re closed on Tuesdays!


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