[eat] lunch at le fournil

Le Fournil is a delightful French bakery in Eastlake, just south of the University Bridge. As with most cool things about Eastlake, I discovered it long after I’d moved out of the neighborhood, but friends, please believe me when I tell you that they offer THE best lunch deal to be found in the city. For a mere $8.99, you can order a sandwich (the ham and Swiss is my personal favorite) a coffee beverage (I chose a latte on this occasion, pictured below, though a cappuccino or Americano is eligible as well) and an individual dessert.

The pastry case features your typical croissants and other baked items, but it’s the fruit tarts that are sure to make your mouth water. Bright, colorful and artfully prepared, a large one will feed a crowd while the small individual ones are perfect afternoon treats. If you are in need of something impressive to take to a dinner party or to auction off at a fundraiser, a full-size tart or several individual desserts would serve you well.


You shouldn’t just visit for Le Fournil for lunch, though – their breakfast pastries are equally delightful and affordable, and they have a similar breakfast special of an egg sandwich and coffee for around $5. You can also order boxed lunches online for $10.49 per person; sandwich, dessert and a drink are served in a bright red box.

Parking at Le Fournil can present a bit of a challenge. There are a few spots in the building’s garage (pull in right next to The Flower Lady’s bright and colorful display) and you can enter the cafe through the back door located in the garage. There are no more than 8 spots though, and it can be tricky to get out.

Next time you find yourself cruising from downtown to the University District along Eastlake, take a few minutes to treat yourself to a lunch break and stop in!



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