[get out] tulip festival

Springtime, the only pretty ring time / Birds sing, hey ding. A-ding, a-ding / Sweet lovers love the spring! 

Spring in the Pacific Northwest is beautiful. Sure, it may still be grey and the weather might be a bit changeable but the explosion of cherry blossoms and other delightful flowering bushes and trees and plants make it a pretty magical season.


One perfect April springtime getaway in Pacific Northwest is a trip up to the Skagit Valley to visit the Tulip Festival – acres and acres of flowers! Even on the grayest of days, the tulip fields are bright and cheery and will put a smile on even the grumpiest person’s face (although not the sickest, as I will explain in a moment).


Last year, my roommate and I planned our inaugural visit to the Tulip Festival and of course packed ourselves a basket of treats to eat along the one-hour drive north. We had extended the invitation to our upstairs neighbors to join us, but one of them broke her foot the night before and didn’t come – and while the other one DID ride along, he also managed to contract a terrible cold along the way which pretty much ruined the outing and forced us to cut our trip short.


Despite all that, the healthy and un-injured (Heather and I) still managed to have a pretty nice time. The tulip fields are bright and cheery and it was nice to be out among the flowers even though the weather went from perfectly dry to a torrential downpour while we were there. After snapping a bunch of pictures, we scurried to the tent to purchase armfuls of the flowers to bring home. In the interest of our sick passenger, we decided not to do the entire driving tour or stick around for any of the festivities that take place in the afternoons/evenings during the week and on the weekends, but I’d like to do so next time! You’ll definitely get a dose of cute small-town charm.


I’d recommend the Tulip Festival as a good mid-week day trip because we didn’t have to fight the crowds. Even for a weekday there were plenty of people around, but we didn’t have trouble parking and the selection of flowers for purchase was plentiful.

wear your rain boots or shoes that can get dirty!

The Tulip Festival takes place throughout the month of April – but definitely check the website to find out if the tulips have bloomed first! If you live in the Pacific NW, there’s a good chance that your Facebook news feed will be inundated with people’s tulip field posts, so that’s a great indicator. 🙂


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