[get out] mariners games at safeco field


I love going to baseball games, though I have no great love for the sport itself. I just like going to the ballpark on warm summer nights, drinking beer in the beer garden, eating hot dogs and peanuts, imagining the day that a fly or a home run ball will just land in my outstretched hand (and not break my fingers) and pretending that this could happen to me.


I also just really like Safeco Field. I haven’t visited a lot of stadiums to compare it to, but we’ve got a retractable roof and some pretty great views and, as far as I can tell, there’s not a bad seat in the house. If for some reason you find yourself in one, simply leave it and sneak down to a better one or hit up the beer garden like I always do.


2013’s opening day game was held in Oakland, so Safeco opened its doors for a free viewing party and invited all the die-hard baseball fans down to watch the game on the new giant screen (it’s awesome), drink $5 beers (regularly over-priced at $8.50+) and to try out the new “Edgar’s Cantina” restaurant which is serving up tortas, chicharrones and tacos – a nice departure from your standard ballpark fare and those god-awful garlic fries.

I happened to be in Pioneer Square on opening day and decided to take advantage of the other fun feature of the evening: the chance to walk around the perimeter of the field and sit in the dugout. They also gave everyone new King Felix posters and t-shirts, which we watched a group of guys handle with EXTREME care and declare that they were going to frame them … whereas we had simply folded and stuffed them in our bags. Whoops!


The entire structure of the evening was kind of brilliant and they should definitely host things like this on the regular – it was just as much fun as if an actual game had been out on the field! Okay, just kidding – but that new screen is pretty major.

You can see it for yourself Monday, April 8, when the M’s are back in town for their home opener – featuring local favorite band Pickwick!

How to make a day of it: Get off work and head to Sluggers, our favorite pre- and post-M’s game bar for drinks. Pick up a hot dog (with cream cheese! Always with cream cheese!) from Al’s Gourmet Sausages. Head to the ballpark, sit in your seats for approximately 5 minutes and then come find me in the beer garden. Go M’s!


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