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My friends and I get to work with so many cool nonprofits and philanthropic organizations, that I thought it would be worth sharing some of the important services and resources that are available in Seattle. If you’re interested in getting involved and volunteering, making a charitable contribution or even just learning about the landscape, my goal is to highlight how to do so through this category and [volunteer].


Last week I was invited to sit at my friend’s table for the Washington Women in Need luncheon event at the Grand Hyatt in downtown Seattle. I was excited about this for three reasons: 1) I hadn’t seen her in awhile and wanted to catch up, 2) I haven’t been a GUEST at a fundraiser in months – just an organizer, and 3) I wanted to learn more about the organization.

I realize that #3 makes me sound like a philanthro-nerd, but I have to share the email invitation that I received about the event:

As I’m sure I’ve shared with each of you, WWIN does amazing stuff, and I feel fortunate to be part of it. To date, we’ve awarded over 5,500 grants to low-income women from all across the state for help with education and health care. Our small grants–none greater than $5,000–enable women to attend school, go to much-needed doctor’s or dentist’s visits, access mental health counseling, and cover the costs of health insurance premiums and co-payments. In the last week alone, we’ve made 18 grants for physical, dental, vision, and hearing services, including to:
 – A homeless woman living in a Seattle shelter
 – Two recent refugees to the United States
 – A recently divorced mother of a young son, who was forced into bankruptcy this year
 – A 72-year-old woman raising her 10-year-old grandson, who said in her voicemail, “I apologize for my slurred speech – I don’t have any teeth left.”
These women are seriously struggling! And they reach out to WWIN for help getting past their hurdles. I am really proud that WWIN can help them in a small way and would love the opportunity to tell you all more over lunch next week.
Though the event is one of our annual fundraisers, I really just want you to join me for lunch (which is free :)). Come hear about WWIN’s work from some of our kickass grantees! They’re shining examples of the women we serve – women who are motivated to improve their lives, and just need a helping hand to do so. (We’ve all been there!!!)
Curiosity piqued, right? So often in philanthropy, you explain your job to someone new and their first question is, “So… can I get a grant?” and in this case, the answer is YES (if, you know, you’re a woman who lives in Washington State with a demonstrated financial need based on federal poverty guidelines).
The luncheon event featured a trio of inspiring women who had found WWIN during a particularly tough time in which they were trying to complete their education but were faced with lack of funding for tuition. The women shared very personal stories that of course tugged at our heartstrings but also reminded us, as my friend did in her email that “We’ve all been there!”
I was THRILLED when I received another email a few days after the luncheon that our table alone had raised over $1,000 – $1,000 means that a woman will get six months of mental health counseling, much-needed contacts and glasses, or a semester’s worth of classes at a community college.
We all know that a little goes a long way and every dollar counts. If you’d like to learn more about Washington Women in Need, please visit their website at: http://www.wwin.org/.

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  1. Shirley says:

    Sarah, thank you for this lovely post about WWIN! I’m so glad you enjoyed the day. I’ve been on the board for 5 years and it is indeed a organization doing great work in our community.

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