[eat] rain shadow meats squared

At first I was worried that this blog was going to be too Capitol Hill-centric but now I’m concerned that the Pioneer Square is going to do a complete takeover. I recently started working in the area and the more I learn about the history and the revitalization efforts, the more excited I am about what’s in store for Seattle’s oldest neighborhood.


Rain Shadow Meats first opened up as a full-service neighborhood butcher shop in the beloved Melrose Market a few years ago. This place made butchery look really really cool. (And really clean. Every butcher shop I’ve ever been in I feel like has been been covered in blood splatters – gross. Rain Shadow Meats is NOT like that.) They sell all local meat and make their own charcutière and their bacon is out of this world. They opened up a second shop in Pioneer Square just a few weeks ago and started serving sandwiches, happy hour and weekend brunches in addition to a full range of meats. I mean, you name it – they’ve got it.


I’m always on the search for a “TRUE” happy hour. There are a lot of HH’s that SEEM like great deals and before you know it, you’ve spent like $40/person and the food is mediocre and you barely have a buzz to show for it. There are very few true happy hours out there- Barolo and Maximilien instantly come to mind – but I’m pleased to report that Rain Shadow Meats meets (haha) my criteria. $6/glasses of red or white wine, a small but well-curated selection of food and generous portions at very reasonable prices. We (two of us) ordered three dishes and drank five glasses of wine and each spent $25.00. I had three of those glasses so I can’t remember if that included tip – but it felt well worth it.


The marinated kale salad was topped with breadcrumbs and olives, making it delightfully crunchy and it was served with porchetta topped with some kind of chimichurri-esque green sauce (also served on the porchetta sandwich during lunch). This was so good that we ordered it for a second time!


My friend Dana is on the Paleo diet (I’m so fed up with food trends that it almost made me not even want to invite her to happy hour) but thankfully raw meat and greens basically IS the Paleo plan, so this was perfect. I ate the crostini for her and more than my share of bread crumbs.

A plate full of lots of different textures.

We sat in the window in order to catch a few rays and enjoyed $6 glasses of white wine with our food. I could sense the jealousy of passers-by and several spotted us and were tempted to come in and check out the shop.


The line for lunch is looong if you’re silly enough to arrive right at noon. There’s limited seating (maybe 15-20 seats) but excellent people-watching, of course. They are also offering Saturday brunch and seating is limited but the menu looks phenomenal – check it out on their Facebook page.

porchetta sandwich

You can order items to take home with you throughout the day and they’ll save it for you to pick up on your way home!


Finally, and perhaps most importantly (just kidding but not really), I feel it is my duty to let you know that all of the butchers who work here are really hot. I don’t know if it’s the fact that they’re behind the counter deftly wielding sharp knives and cutting up animals – I mean, maybe I wouldn’t think they were so cute if I saw them walking down the street or in any other profession – but it’s kind of like drummers. Nine times out of ten, drummers are not ACTUALLY attractive  but you just think they are because they play the drums.

Go see yourself and help me develop this theory, okay?

I am terrible at taking stealthy photos, so just take my word for it, okay?

Hot-or-not aside, it’s great to have an awesome butcher shop near my house and near my office and props to them for taking the risk and making the move to Pioneer Square. There’s a lot more to come!


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  1. Love Rainshadow and RS2. Not only are the people who work there awesome, but the food is amazing (that beef tartare is yum!). And a special shout-out for the amazing celery soda (which I drank there before they got their liquor license.) It is fabulous! And yes, I agree the guys are definitely cuties. =)

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