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Hello friends. It’s been awhile. I’ve neglected the blog but I most certainly haven’t stopped collecting interesting tidbits of information about my fair city, and now that life has calmed down a little bit, I’m carving out more time to return to this space. Last week’s happy hour is a good place to start.

You may remember that Chan was on my list of 14 new(ish) places to try in 2013. That list is going well – I’m about halfway through but have lost interest in several of them so a revision is in order. Why would I bother going to Cal’s American Kitchen when I could wait with bated breath for the new Tinello? Besides, South Lake Union is so out and Pioneer Square and Capitol Hill are SO in.

Anyway, yesterday evening I needed to visit the Pike Place Market because I’m helping to plan a scavenger hunt for a 13-year old’s birthday party so we decided to get our creative juices flowing by happy houring first.

I picked Chan, an upscale Korean restaurant hidden within the Inn at the Market’s plaza. I had never even seen it before, having never had occasion to walk through that area but it’s right underneath Bacco which is up on First Avenue.

I’m not that familiar with Korean food but everything on the website looked delicious, so we decided to order every single thing on the happy hour menu. There were six or seven options and the total cost was going to be $36, plus our $6 glasses of wine. Seemed like a steal of a deal!

We started with the kimchi trio – traditional cabbage, cucumbers in the middle and daikon radish on the far right. The radish was my favorite.

Kimchi Trio

Next up was the ahi tuna. It was a pretty small portion and I might skip it next time. It was delicious and flavorful but not particularly memorable when all was said and done.

Ahi Tuna

The fried rice cakes were a surprise to both of us – this is a very deep bowl of gnocchi-sized rice pillows that were slightly crunchy. And only $3!

Fried Rice Cakes

Our server insisted that we order the fried oysters, which are market fresh. I don’t love oysters when they’re giant, so I only made it through about half of mine but I would imagine that oyster lovers would be delighted by this trio of lightly breaded and fried bivalves.

Fried Oysters

The bulgogi sliders were fantastic…

Bulgogi Sliders

The chicken wings were messy but satisfying.

Fried Chicken Wings

And finally, the blurry picture below represents the spicy pork sliders, which I was too full to finish but they were good, albeit not very spicy.

Spicy Pork Sliders

We each left pleasantly stuffed and having only spent about $30 each, which included two glasses of wine apiece.

Chan’s happy hours are 5-6:30pm, and we noticed that we were the only ones who were ordering off the happy hour menu, which leads me to believe that there are some pretty fantastic things on their regular menu that I will be sure to check out next time!


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  1. Wowzers. These food pics are making me so hungry >_< Your blog is so helpful though. I always have people ask me where a good place for happy hour (HH) would be and I figured searching online would be the best place since people leave reviews. Personally I think Capitol Hill is one of the best areas where you can find relatively cheap HH around $5. Plus they give you a good quantity of food. 🙂

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