[eat] adrift restaurant in anacortes

Last Saturday, my friend Edgar took us up to Orcas Island for a three-hour sailing trip around the San Juan’s. Normally, something like this should be arranged over the course of an entire  weekend, but we didn’t have that much time to spare so we did a round-trip in a day – which I do NOT recommend (you’ll see why) – but it was a wonderful outing nevertheless.


We woke up bright and early at 6am, threw some of Trader Joe’s croissants in the oven, packed our bags and snacks and waited for Edgar to pick us up. He had reserved a Zipcar for the trip and rolled up in some sort of SUV that fit the four of us perfectly. We drove north for a little over an hour to catch the ferry boat from Anacortes. Of course we were super early for the boat and so we turned around and drove back into town and had a spectacular breakfast at Adrift Restaurant in downtown Anacortes.


Adrift is nautically-themed, but not in a cheesy way. Sailboats serve as table-dividers (the tables are copper, which is awesome) and there are books about oceans and sailing everywhere. The menu itself is organic and locally-focused, with ingredients so fresh that I literally squealed with delight when my order (the “veggie starts”) arrived – a plateful of potatoes sauteed with fresh farmer’s market veggies and topped with mozzarella and provolone cheeses and bacon. I typically order a version of this wherever I go, but never have the flavors of the individual vegetables tasted so bright and crunchy before. Every bite was delightful!


I shared my plate with Edgar, who ordered “The Frenzy” – eggs that had been whipped into a frenzy (doesn’t that just automatically make you want to order it?!) with Dungeness crab, cream cheese and herbs – and served with a biscuit and a potato croquette. We ordered a side of the duck and bacon sausage to go with it, because it sounded unusual and our server highly recommended it. Duck AND bacon? Does it get any more indulgent than that?


Elizabeth and Jason, our companions for the trip went the more traditional breakfast route, opting for the “Anchor” – eggs, potatoes, biscuits, and sausage/bacon/smoked trout fillet. The only critique that they had was that the sausage was served in the shape of that resembled feces, thus making it rather unappetizing. But ultimately, we all walked out of Adrift thinking that the trip north was already well worth it and we would have been just as happy to turn around and go right home and skip sailing entirely.


You can read about the full day-trip in this post, but for now I must insist that you eat at Adrift should you find yourself in Anacortes, WA and with an hour to kill before you catch the ferry to the islands! If not for the food, perhaps you can be tempted by a $5 mimosa (weekends only!)?



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