[play tourist] chihuly garden & glass

I am sorry that I listened to whomever said that the new Chihuly Garden & Glass museum was too expensive and not worth it, because they were completely wrong. I took my friends Kristin and Elizabeth there when they were in town last weekend (and to the top of the Space Needle!) and although it was a total tourist experience, I found it utterly delightful – and I thought, at $36 for both the museum and a trip to the top of the Needle, the price was just right.

I would have liked to dine in the restaurant and on the patio, but it was full at the time so we hit up one of the better museum gift shops I’ve seen. I bought a great book of postcards which, if I were better at mailing things, I would send to my mother. (Hoping the thought counts!) Below are some of my favorite photos from the visit!

The giant exhibition hall with the red and orange and yellow installation is probably the most photographed part of the experience but is in no way the most impressive. I particularly love the pictures with the Space Needle looming above.

2013-08-25 15.30.40

The outdoor garden path features several large installations like the crazy yellow sculpture below, but also dozens of smaller pieces that are embedded into the landscaping.


The chandeliers are amazing. I cannot imagine what it would cost to have such a thing in your home but I have added it to my dream home/fantasy love life Pinterest board.


This garden-scape was my absolute favorite part. Completely breathtaking.


I loved the “under the sea” room – there are smaller shells and sea creatures dotted in yellow along the base.


This neon glass and mirror room is one of the first stops along the tour.


I would love to revisit Chihuly Garden & Glass at nighttime – you’re allowed to visit twice within 24 hours, and I would strongly suggest purchasing the package deal that includes the trip to the top of the Needle for unparalleled views of the city and the Puget Sound. A great thing to do with visitors or even if you’re just the mood to fall back in love with the city – I certainly did!


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