[get out] clearwater resort & casino

I always like to joke that my friend Emily would have a gambling problem if anyone would let her. She REALLY likes casinos! So for her birthday, we decided to indulge her by heading over to the Suquamish Clearwater Resort & Casino for 24 hours of fun.

view from the Bainbridge Island ferry

Getting There: 

This was a super-easy getaway to organize because we simply hopped on the Bainbridge Island Ferry and were picked up by the casino’s shuttle and taken on a 20 minute ride and got dropped off at the front doors of the resort. (Note: you don’t have to be a club card member in advance – you can simply sign up when you get there and it’s free.) Taking a car on the ferry can be pretty expensive, but as a walk-on passenger, it’s only $7.85 for a round-trip ticket.

IMAG4547-1-1 (1)
the front doors – welcome!

Resort & Casino:

The resort itself is located just behind the Casino, and it’s about a five minute walk (under cover in case of rain). The water-view rooms look out onto the bay and we were lucky to have such beautiful weather while we were there.


There were five of us, so we got two rooms – one with two queens and then a suite. I wish I had photos of the suite because the bathtub itself was big enough to sleep in. Below is a pick of the standard room with two queen and super comfortable beds.


The rooms look right out onto the sound, and there is a great indoor pool and hot tub – so bring your bathing suit. Chances are good that the pool will be filled with loud children, but the outdoor hot tub is pretty nice – and there’s a spa – but make a reservation before you get there!


What to Eat:

The lobby of the resort is lodge-esque and offers a free continental breakfast (with unlimited bacon) in the mornings, and in addition to that, there’s a pretty stellar breakfast buffet in the Casino at the Longhouse Buffet. Yes, I had two breakfasts – one while I waited for everyone to get up and get ready to go to breakfast #2.

On Friday and Saturday nights, the Longhouse Buffet turns into a seafood EXTRAVAGANZA – so think “all you can eat” crab legs, lobster, shrimp, etc. Make sure to arrive hungry!

The Verdict:

All in all, this was a fun getaway that didn’t involve much coordination beyond booking rooms and picking a ferry to board. If you’re lucky, you might walk out of the casino with more than you came with – though we did not have such an experience. If I were doing it again, I would schedule a bit of time to hang out on Bainbridge before heading back to Seattle, so do that if you have the time!


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