[drink] dry soda

2014-03-17 16.23.59 (1)

If you’re feeling thirsty and happen to be in Pioneer Square between the hours of 11am-5pm, you might consider dropping by the Dry Soda Tasting Room to sample their 11 soda flavors. It’s a great thing to do with under-21s because it’s non-alcoholic, and equally as fun to do with in the middle of the day during the week with friends because who doesn’t like drinking beverages out of champagne glasses?

Dry Sodas are all-natural, 4-ingredient drinks that you can feel good about because they contain significantly less sugar than a typical soda. They come in both bottles (elegantly designed) and cans (for on-the-go)  and the variety of flavors stand alone as a refreshing drink but also provide the base for creative cocktail concoctions.

My coworker Susan and I needed a break one afternoon and I needed to go inquire about purchasing a bunch of soda for some welcome baskets I was putting together, so we made our first trip to the tasting room, located on 1st Avenue, just south of Jackson. The whole tasting room experience takes about 20 minutes and is a perfect mid-day escape from the office or a fun outing for a team.


Walk in the front door and you’re immediately greeted by a friendly host who will invite you to take a seat at the bar, pull out champagne flutes branded (quite discreetly) with the Dry Soda logo and will then start you on an 11-flavor tasting which includes blood orange, ginger, vanilla bean, apple, cherry, rhubarb, lavender, juniper berry, cucumber, wild lime and pear.

My favorites ended up being blood orange, vanilla bean (tastes the sweetest of all of them), and apple (my love for apple juice makes me feel like a 5-year-old but it’s always my preferred juice). My least favorites were the ones that I’d prefer be mixed as a cocktail – the ginger, cucumber and juniper berry will certainly be making an appearance in summer drinks.


The company’s headquarters are located just on the other side of the wall from the tasting room and a couple of employees came out to chat with us about the flavors. Being neighborhood locals, of course, we were pretty easy sells but it was nice that all of the employees I’ve met so far are super enthusiastic about the product – as they should be! Dry Sodas are awesome.

Dry Soda is committed to the “buy local” movement and to supporting local food producers through CSA’s, farmers markets and co-ops. Their corporate social responsibility platform is outlined here – and they are also fantastic about donating their product in support of organizations and events in the community. 

You can purchase single sodas, four-packs, or cases of any Dry Soda flavor directly from the tasting room. They have hand carts available if you’re picking up a large order and need some help transporting it!



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