[happy hour] corretto


risotto croquette topped with mushrooms

Have you noticed that there are suddenly lots of great dining options on Broadway – options that go beyond Thai, Pho, or bad Mexican food? With the opening of the Bait Shop, Witness, Nacho Borracho and now Corretto, Broadway is now a destination for more than just Dick’s.

Corretto has replaced Panevino, which was a decent restaurant, usually packed, but I could never take it seriously because they were always throwing weird deals at customers to encourage them to come back. Like, you’d pay your check and they’d give you a $20 certificate to use on your next visit. How did that ever make money?

But it’s out with the old and on with the new – Panevino is out and Corretto is in. WAY in, in my book. They’ve revamped the interior, upgraded the menu (but kept it Italian), introduced a coffee bar during the day, offer a stellar happy hour and then transition into a busy dinner service.



The word “corretto” translates into “coffee, corrected” and refers to their menu of espresso shots with liquor. Correttos are $8 but only $5 on happy hour. I chose to order a liquid biscotti after a few glasses of wine – I figured the wine would calm me down after a bad day and the corretto would wake me up so that I could work through the rest of the night.



I’m always a fan of testing out new places via their happy hour menus, and to my delight, happy hour is two hours (reasonable), 7 days a week (excellent) and all day on Monday. Beverages are perfectly priced at $4-$5 ($5 Prosecco is my favorite) and great selection from the regular menu is offered at happy hour prices and portions.



From here, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves and strongly encourage you to check it out next time you’re on Broadway!

Liquid Biscotti Corretto
pesto gnocchi (off the dinner menu)
asparagus with a poached egg
two of my favorite things

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