[eat] brunch at luc


I don’t spend much (if any) time in Madison Valley, but when my friend Kendall said that she’d discovered a wonderful and virtually empty brunch location, I was all in. Most of my favorite brunch destinations also come with a 30-minute to 1-hour wait, so the thought of being seated (and served) in a timely manner was something worth traveling for.

Luc is owned by Thierry Ratreau, an esteemed French “chef in the hat” who recently closed down Rover’s, one of the nicest (read: formal) restaurants in the city, in favor of opening Loulay in the downtown corridor. Luc is the more casual dining spot that he opened prior to the closing of Rover’s, in an effort to capture Seattleites’ trend towards more casual dining.

Regrettably, for lack of occasion, I never got a chance to dine at Rover’s – but I was quite impressed by this morning’s brunch at Luc and look forward to adding it into the rotation – especially since it turns out that Madison Valley, early in the AM, is quite sleepy and lovely. Pairing a mani/pedi at one of the 4+ nail salons that are in the neighborhood would be a delightful way to spend a Sunday.

Luc opens at 10am, and I was among the first three patrons of the restaurant, which remained virtually empty during the two hours that we were there. The first hour was spent waiting for my three brunch companions to arrive and so I consumed a few glasses of punch while I waited, and drew pictures of flowers on my iPad.

We started off with an order of beignets (pictured above), followed by the crostini topped with mozzarella and apricot chutney.

crostini with melted mozzarella and apricots

Everything on the menu looked so good that we were having a hard time deciding, but when we finally moved on to entrees we ordered the French onion soup, smoked salmon crepe, quiche of the day (a rather small piece of quiche, particularly if you compare it to the giant and fluffy slice you can get at Oddfellows for $5), and the eggs benedict sliders (which basically means a regular eggs benedict with a brichoe bun instead of an English muffin).

eggs benedict with pork and a vegetable hash. three eggs is kind of a lot!
quiche of the day
french onion soup. VERY sweet.
smoked salmon crepe… VERY salty!

As I mentioned via caption, the French onion soup was very sweet, but I appreciated the ratio of onions to broth to bread to cheese. On the complete opposite flip side, my smoked salmon crepe was extremely salty – not in an entirely bad way – it was a nice contrast to the soup, but some of you might not like it. The best order of the morning was definitely that eggs benedict, which I’ll be sure to order on a future visit.

Next time you’re looking for a good brunch with no wait, head down to Luc in Madison Valley. You can make a reservation in advance if you have a large group, but for 2-4 people, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting in. Bon appetit!


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