[eat] cafe solstice in Capitol Hill


I almost don’t want to tell you about this new cafe on the corner of 10th and Thomas in Capitol Hill. It’s brand brand brand new (open since Solstice, appropriately) and it’s spacious, open from 6am until midnight, serves coffee, beer, wine and food, and it’s around the corner from my apartment.

Cafe Solstice, tucked into the back corner of the Lyric Apartments, on 10th Ave E and E Thomas St. The trees in front have the most amazing blossoms in the Spring!

The problem is that it’s not going to be a secret for long.

You may be familiar with Cafe Solstice in the University District – or if you’ve been around Seattle long enough, you may remember that the original Cafe Solstice was located on Broadway but they moved. Now they’ve returned to the Hill and people are (rightfully) pretty happy about it, myself included.

My roommate and I stopped by Cafe Solstice last night on our way home after swimming in the lake, eating nachos at Nacho Borracho and drinking Bellinis at Corretto. We came in with the intention of just checking it out, but then we saw that they had wine and a dozen beers on tap, so we bellied up to the bar for one last drink, and then I returned this morning for breakfast and to cram in a few hours of work before heading into the office. Clearly, I wrote this instead of working.

breakfast sandwich + a latte

The things that are the most important to me when it comes to a coffee shop is that there are multiple seating options (and that they’re comfortable – which is my one and only complaint about Ada’s Technical Books, by the way), and plenty of outlets for those of us with crappy laptop batteries. Cafe Solstice wins on both accounts so far.


There are large 2-4 person booths along the windowed perimeter, which are currently occupied by solo people but I imagine if it was busy, you could ask to share a booth with someone – and each booth has it’s own power outlet. There are also two-top tables that float in the middle of the space and about 20 seats line the bar underneath the giant buffalo head – plus an entire upstairs loft section that I haven’t ventured to yet, and at least one large table that seats about 6 people, should you have a larger group.


The pastry case is filled with all sorts of sweet treats – I’d love to see a savory scone in there at some point, and there are also breakfast sandwich and burrito options on the menu for $6. Breakfast is served until 11, at which point the menu transitions into a selection of lunch sandwiches and salads that look pretty good. We were also thrilled to find out that you can get growlers filled for $20, which means there’s one less block to walk for beer.


Though Cafe Solstice is literally one block off Broadway, being off the beaten paths of 15th, Broadway or Pike/Pine makes it feel like a hidden secret (one that I’m loathe to reveal to you but oh well). From what I can tell, it will be a great place to get some work done, to have a drink and read a book, or to meet with people. Welcome to the neighborhood, Cafe Solstice!



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  1. Chelon says:

    I keep meaning to go here to work and read more. Glad to find your page for local reviews. ❤

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