[eat] pizzeria gabbiano (first look!)

Pizzeria Gabbiano
photo by Eric Smith

Last December I made a $50 loan via Community Sourced Capital to fund the development of a new Roman-style pizza restaurant called Pizzeria Gabbiano, which was being opened by Mike Easton and his wife Victoria, owners of everyone’s favorite pasta place- Il Corvo. I had a particular investment in seeing this campaign get funded because the restaurant was slated to open in the Pacific Commercial Building, which my company had recently expanded into. Making a contribution to ensure that a hot new lunch spot opened in Pioneer Square and was 27 steps down the stairs from my office was was a no-brainer.

The campaign exceeded their initial goal of $20k and ended up raising a loan of $31,000 to go towards the build-out of the restaurant – you can view the progress of the build-out via their blog – and last Thursday, a mere eight months later, Pizzeria Gabbiano served up it’s first slices of pizza to campaign supporters at a series of exclusive preview parties. IMAG4736_1

The evening parties (I went to two out of three, long story) were packed and festive events that started with antipastos which guests helped themselves to at the counter while watching the pizza construction process (on night one) or the mozzarella-making experience (night two).

mozzarella-making: “it’s like blowing a bubble with your hands!”

Bottles of wine were strategically placed along the long, high table where the majority of guests were seated around on bright red stools. The table itself was handcrafted from the salvaged floor boards that previously occupied the space!


We sampled three of the pizza offerings each night, which were put on display at the counter and we helped ourselves. Though the focus of the Roman-style pizza is the dough itself – it’s a lot thicker and bread-ier than the super thin-crust pizzas that are served at Caffe Vita or Pizza Pro- the toppings will change up similarly to the way the pasta offerings change at Il Corvo. The dough is toasty and crunchy, and the first one we sampled featured a salt cod and potato topping, which people were RAVING about. “This is going to be the top seller”, people proclaimed. If we’re being honest here, I wasn’t completely sold on it, but that’s maybe because I got to it in it’s lukewarm state or because I’m generally skeptical about salt cod. But it was the favorite of almost every person I asked, so clearly my taste

The second featured that fresh mozzarella which had been made only minutes before – and Mama Lil’s peppers, which offered a really awesome kick in the way that only a Mama Lil’s pepper can. The last pizza of the night was a Pancetta and arugula (I love salad on pizza!) and that salty/bitter combo was my overall favorite.


And finally, platters of these gorgeous cookies were passed around the room. A delicious caramel filling was sandwiched between these two light wafer-y cookies and these will be the PERFECT afternoon treat to pair with coffee before going back to work.

You can start enjoying the deliciousness that is Pizzeria Gabbiano starting in a week or so – but you can take my word for it: the lines will be long but the wait will be worth it! I’ll see you there!


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  1. Thanks for the detailed review! I’m so excited to try this place out! If you ever want to try my blog out, it’s here: http://concretedetail.wordpress.com/

    Looking forward to your next post (we seem to have similar tastes, though I need to blog about mine more)!

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