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Even before we published the first episode of Seattle by Sarah, exciting things started happening – a pair of club-level Seahawks tickets fell into my lap and I got a message inviting me to model TomboyX underwear in a photo shoot.

Wait what?

The message was from Shena Lee, the new Art Director for TomboyX. Tasked with updating all of the brand photos, she was on the hunt for models and she spotted me on her wife’s Facebook feed.

I am familiar with TomboyX, having seen their co-founder and CEO pitch onstage at several events in the last few months. It’s a brand that I like because I believe that a woman’s personal style shouldn’t be compromised by ill-fitting menswear options and that comfort and quality are of the utmost importance. I’m thrilled to support a brand that supports the tomboy in all of us and that’s making a great product! And those boxers are cute!

But liking a brand’s onstage pitch versus having your picture taken in underwear are two very different things, and even though I immediately said YES to Shena’s request,  I had a million reservations – which included but not were not limited to:

“I don’t think I have the right body type for something like this…”
“Did she ask me by mistake?”
“I hate my neck. And my stomach. Thank god I like my legs.”
“I hope they’re good with Photoshop.”
“What if they have a no-Photoshop policy? Am I okay with that?”
“Should I invite Greg to film this for Seattle by Sarah?”
“Oh god, now I have to shave my legs.”

As with most major decisions in my life, I had to run it by my trusted advisors (read: anyone who will listen to me), and luckily everyone was super supportive and thought it would be pretty badass if I went through with it. Besides – I was already taking a giant leap by publishing episode 1 of the vlog – wouldn’t this make a hell of an episode?

So I went for it. I’m sure no one is surprised to hear that Shena was (is!) the sweetest and most welcoming photographer and made me feel instantly comfortable. And that my body type was exactly right for this shoot, because it’s my body and I don’t need to apologize for any part of it. I wore the Good Carma boxer briefs (and have been lounging in them ever since!), the football tee, longsleeve hoodie and tank, and I love everything about all of them.

And because Greg promised that he will never let me sound stupid or look ugly on episodes of Seattle by Sarah, I brought him along to shoot the behind-the-scenes footage, which I hope you’ll get to see in a future episode. Until then, here’s the first image which can be found on TomboyX website and Instagram!

Photo by Shena Lee for TomboyX (http://tomboyx.com/)
Photo by Shena Lee for TomboyX (http://tomboyx.com/)

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