[eat] dahlia bakery

Although I consider myself a morning person, I find 8am meetings cruel and unusual. First of all, there’s the challenge of getting out of bed 30 minutes earlier than usual (maybe if I actually did this, things would go better). After running around like crazy and inevitably forgetting to put on mascara, there’s the challenge of making it to my destination on time – made worse if I’m counting on the bus. If the bus is late, which it always is, and I don’t have time to get coffee, chances are I’m not quite as sharp and prepared for the meeting as I’d like to be. All that plus the general anxiety of arriving 5-10 minutes late and knowing that the rest of my day is likely to follow suit, I guess maybe I’m not much of a morning person after all.

However! I am a person who strongly believes in rewarding myself for the tiny wins, so if I get to my meeting on time and it ends on time, you can find me in line at the Dahlia Bakery, rewarding myself for making it through the first few hours of the day with one of their delicious breakfast sandwiches.

The Dahlia Bakery is home of the famous Triple Coconut Cream pie, and just another piece of the Tom Douglas empire (others include Tanakasan and Dahlia Lounge). This particular pie is beloved by Seattleites and I have watched it get auctioned off at fundraisers for hundreds of dollars – but you can buy a whole one for $36.75, a smaller version for $20, and an individual coconut cream bite for $2.75.


Beyond the pie, there is an impressive assortment of pastries and sweets available throughout the day – everything from pie in other flavors, to cookies and croissants and this amazing-looking s’mores tart that was quite tempting.


Breakfast at the Dahlia Bakery is served from 7:30-10am and not a minute longer! They remove the chalkboard signage with all of the breakfast sandwich items when the clock strikes 10 and unless you can be satisfied with a pastry or a salad, you’re out of luck until the lunchtime sandwich menu goes up at 11:30am.

20150929_095748Although I prefer my breakfasts sweet instead of savory, the made to order donut situation should not be overlooked. These donuts are also served across the street at Lola (and are also more expensive at Lola) and they are pillows of delight!


So next time you’re downtown for the dreaded early morning meeting, find a way to include a stop at the Dahlia Bakery into your routine – I promise that it will make any early morning meeting a bit more enjoyable.


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