[giveaway] #visitidaho uber takeover

It’s grey here, ya’ll.

I don’t know about you, but this dismal grey rainy weather has been making me feel BLUE. I haven’t been warm since I was in Mexico and I basically take an Uber to work every day because I just can’t bear to get wet. But did you know that our neighbors in Idaho enjoy TWO HUNDRED SUNNY DAYS A YEAR?

Idaho Tourism wants us to come visit and get some vitamin D, and they’re taking over Uber from 8am-6pm today (1/20/16) and offering FREE RIDES around Seattle for the day and offering us fun reasons to go to Idaho on top of it!

If that isn’t sweet enough, they’ve asked ME to help spread the word and ask you to play in their social media campaign for the day – here’s what you have to do:

  • Order an Idaho-designated Uber anytime between 8am-6pm and your driver will present you with a SWEET baby blue umbrella (perhaps to remind you of a bluebird ski day?)!
  • Riders will be prompted to take a picture with the umbrella and share it via their
    Facebook, Instagram or Twitter channel with #visitidaho for a chance to win
    prizes in real time.
  • PRIZES? What PRIZES? How about Idaho mountain lift tickets, festival passes to the Treefort music festival, airfaire, hotel rooms and more! The social media team and street team in Seattle will be awarding prizes throughout the day!

Anyone and everyone has a chance to win the big prizes and as a special incentive, Seattle by Sarah is giving away some of my own fun prize packages.

Sun Valley Film Fest
2 Sun Valley Film Fest Promo Packs
The 5th annual Sun Valley Film Festival happens on March 2-6 and I’m offering two promo packs that are good for entrance to all panels and four films. More than 60 films will be featured this year, and will bring together renowned and Academy Award winning screenwriters, directors and actors. 

Lookout Pass Lift Tickets

Sick of Crystal and Snoqualmie? Let’s head over to the Lookout Pass Ski and Recreation Area in north Idaho on the border of good old Montana! Lookout promises uncrowded skiing for all skill levels with 540 acres and 34 runs, and three terrain parks!

Wanna play to win? Tweet @SeattlebySarah, visit me on Facebook or leave a comment on this post and tell me what your favorite winter activity is. Do you prefer to cozy up and watch films or to hit the slopes? Use both the hashtags #visitidaho and #idahobysarah on social media and  I’ll pick the winners at the end of the day. And don’t forget to take an Uber and play to win some of the other amazing prizes too!

I am planning a fun trip for late February and I’d love for you to join me – let’s go get some Vitamin (I)D ya’ll!



8 Comments Add yours

  1. Kendall says:

    Idaho sounds great! Let’s go!

  2. Kevin says:

    My favorite winter activity is sipping a hot toddy or a scotch while watching it snow outside.

  3. Idaho is on the way to Montana!

  4. by the way, my favorite winter activity is far and away skiing. Also skiing far away.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I know this will shock everyone who knows me but I really enjoy cross country skiing! So while everyone else hits the slopes, I will hit the …flat ground.

  6. linzertortes says:

    Skiing! Skiing! Skiing!

  7. seattlejo says:

    Cross Country Skiing, Snowshoeing, nature walks in the snow, star gazing, and sitting by the fire enjoying hot cocoa and watching it snow.#visitidaho and #idahobysarah

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