VLOG Episode 4: Intrigue Chocolate Co.

In this episode, I WEAR A HAIRNET and we go behind-the-scenes and into the kitchen of the Intrigue Chocolate Co., one of my favorite neighborhood businesses in Pioneer Square.

[eat] brunch at nue

So happy that one of my favorite restaurants is now serving my second-favorite meal – BRUNCH!

[eat] the pink door

The Pink Door is one of the reasons I moved to the Northwest fifteen years ago. I so clearly remember the first time we found the door and opened it to discover delicious Italian food and an exciting ambiance. This is a must-visit!

[eat] dahlia bakery

Morning meeting? Grab one of the Dahlia Bakery’s breakfast sandwiches and reward yourself for waking up early.

[eat] cafe solstice in Capitol Hill

I almost don’t want to tell you about this new cafe on the corner of 10th and Thomas in Capitol Hill. It’s brand brand brand new (open since Solstice, appropriately) and it’s spacious, open from 6am until midnight, serves coffee, beer, wine and food, and it’s around the corner from my apartment. The problem is…