[eat] dahlia bakery

Morning meeting? Grab one of the Dahlia Bakery’s breakfast sandwiches and reward yourself for waking up early.

[eat] dinner at dahlia lounge

I was gifted a “dinner for two” certificate to the Dahlia Lounge back in May of 2013, and of course I waited until the day before it expired to use it. Why? I couldn’t decide who to take with me.

[eat] tanakasan + assembly hall

I am, at best, like an E-list celebrity in Seattle ā€“ which basically means that Iā€™m not one ā€“ but there are SOME moments that make it seem like I have celebrity status. Take the other night, for example, when I took my very first friend out to dinner at Tanakasan. Let me first back…

[happy hour] chan

Chan is an upscale Korean restaurant hidden within the Inn at the Market’s plaza in the Pike Place Market. We decided to order all six items on the happy hour menu – which set us back only $36 total – a steal of a deal!

[view] columbia tower observation

You have to take two different elevators to reach the 73rd floor observation deck of the Columbia Tower, but luckily there’s a Starbucks located at the transfer point, so if you’re feeling nervous about the height, I suggest you grab a beverage and enjoy the pretty spectacular view that the 40th floor affords you. But let’s be honest, the 73rd floor is where it’s at…