[eat] dahlia bakery

Morning meeting? Grab one of the Dahlia Bakery’s breakfast sandwiches and reward yourself for waking up early.

[wear] tomboyx

TomboyX is on a mission to empower women. Their products are a tool to communicate a way of life, to create a movement driven by passion, identity, and community. And last weekend, I was their model.

VLOG Episode 1: Seattle Design Festival (pilot!)

Last weekend I headed down to the Seattle Design Festival’s “Design with Equity” block party in Occidental Park to see all of the exhibits and to film my very first vlog! Enjoy the first episode – 9 more to come!

[civic duty] jury duty in king county

So, you’ve been summoned for jury duty by the King County Superior Court. You’ve received a rather unofficial-looking tri-folded piece of paper in the mail with a detachable badge and bus pass, and right now you’re either brainstorming ways to get out of it or you’re like me: pretty excited. Jury duty gets a pretty bad…

[eat] cafe solstice in Capitol Hill

I almost don’t want to tell you about this new cafe on the corner of 10th and Thomas in Capitol Hill. It’s brand brand brand new (open since Solstice, appropriately) and it’s spacious, open from 6am until midnight, serves coffee, beer, wine and food, and it’s around the corner from my apartment. The problem is…