VLOG Episode 2: NARS Cosmetics + TomboyX Photo Shoot (+ more!)

The first official shoot of Seattle by Sarah was based on a “day in the life” – welcome to a typical Saturday! We set out early in the morning with an ambitious agenda and discovered that filming my life isn’t as easy as just LIVING my life…

[play tourist] chihuly garden & glass

Chihuly Garden & Glass is located in the Seattle Center under the shadow of the Space Needle, I found it utterly delightful – and I thought, at $36 for both the museum and a trip to the top of the Needle, the price was just right.

[tour] four days in seattle with sarah

My goal was to convince my friend Marissa that she should move to Seattle, so we visited four neighborhoods and over 30 different tourist attractions, bars, and restaurants – and saw a lot of great views.