[giveaway] #visitidaho uber takeover

I don’t know about you, but this dismal grey rainy weather has been making me feel BLUE. I haven’t been warm since I was in Mexico and I basically take an Uber to work every day because I just can’t bear to get wet. But did you know that our neighbors in Idaho enjoy TWO…

VLOG Episode 4: Intrigue Chocolate Co.

In this episode, I WEAR A HAIRNET and we go behind-the-scenes and into the kitchen of the Intrigue Chocolate Co., one of my favorite neighborhood businesses in Pioneer Square.

[eat] brunch at nue

So happy that one of my favorite restaurants is now serving my second-favorite meal – BRUNCH!

[eat] the pink door

The Pink Door is one of the reasons I moved to the Northwest fifteen years ago. I so clearly remember the first time we found the door and opened it to discover delicious Italian food and an exciting ambiance. This is a must-visit!

[eat] dahlia bakery

Morning meeting? Grab one of the Dahlia Bakery’s breakfast sandwiches and reward yourself for waking up early.

[wear] tomboyx

TomboyX is on a mission to empower women. Their products are a tool to communicate a way of life, to create a movement driven by passion, identity, and community. And last weekend, I was their model.